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Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve

Updated: 2018-04-09


A scene captured at Jiufeng Mountain (literally means "nine peaks") in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Sept 12. [Photo/baotou.gov.cn]

As a part of Chilechuan scenic spot, the Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve was rated as a national 4A status in March 2016.


Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve [Photo/baotou.gov.cn]

Located in the central part of Yinshan Mountain ranges, the Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve has a total area of more than 460 square meters. The Jiufeng Mountain is famed for its nine connecting peaks – East Jiufeng, West Jiufeng, Daxiliang, Ganlin Back, Sheep Back Mountain, Meidai Gully, Shuijian Gully and Xiangguipu Gully. There is a gradually increasing tendency within the nine mountains and the ninth mountain has a height of 2,338 meters, which is known as "little Mount Tai".

Address: east of Salaqi Town, Tumd Right Banner, Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region


Tourists enjoy the view of Ma'an Mountain, which is located in Guyang County, Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Sept 25, 2016. Ma'an in Mandarin means horse saddle, for the mountain appears to be in the shape of a saddle, looking up from its base. Being a part of the Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve, the Ma'an Mountain boasts a primeval forest. Autumn is the best season for mountain sightseeing. [Photo/Baotou Daily]

Traffic guide:

1. Public transportation:

Start from Donghe Bus Station, get off at Salaqi town and take a taxi to the Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve.

2. Route by car:

Downtown → G6 Highway (75 kilometers) → (Northward) → Jiufeng Mountain Natural Reserve