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Poetic Grassland Scenic Area

By Lu Wei Updated: 2018-07-31

Shi Hua Cao Yuan (Poetic Grassland) scenic area is located in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner under the administration of Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The resort boasts 1,333 hectares of natural grassland and provides visitors with a 40,000-square-meter dining and accommodation area that can cater to 1,000 tourists daily.

The design of the new resort is based on the picturesque grassland landscape typical of the region and highlights the best of Inner Mongolia’s scenery.

Dining rooms shaped like traditional yurts accommodate hungry tourists, while the more active visitors may hike to see Ovoos (sacred stones piles) or to recreation zones for traditional Mongolian sports, including archery and horsemanship.

Address: 16 kilometers from Bailingmiao Town to Eerdeng Ovoo, Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region


Mongolian yurt-shaped dining rooms at a new grassland resort in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, Baotou, Inner Mongolia [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]


A view of the Poetic Grassland Scenic Area landscape [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]