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Chunkun Mountain classified as top national scenic area

Updated: 2020-07-14

Chunkun Mountain Scenic Area -- located in Baotou, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has been classified a national 4A-level scenic area, with a launch ceremony held on July 11, according to a report in the Baotou Daily.

Chunkun Mountain covers an area of 30 square kilometers. It is the largest alpine meadow grassland in the central and western part of the autonomous region and has hot springs available all year round.

The main peak, Hongqi Peak, sits 2,340 meters above sea level -- the highest altitude in the area under the jurisdiction of Baotou city. Even on the hottest days, tourists can feel the breeze standing on top of the peak.

On the day of the launch ceremony, the Chunkun Mountain Scenic Area also launched a series of tourist promotions, which provide discounts to military personnel in active service, public security, firefighting and medical workers.

These personnel are exempt from tickets and other expenses, with relevant certificates.