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In pics: Flocks of birds photographed at Nanhai Wetland

Updated: 2021-02-25


Flocks of birds attract wildlife photographers to Nanhai Wetland Scenic Spot in Baotou, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Due to its improving environment, the city is seeing more birds take up residence here, and more migratory birds are using the area to rest on their journeys. [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]


A flock of birds takes off from a river in Nanhai Wetland Scenic Spot. [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]


Birds are photographed foraging for food. [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]


Young birds are photographed at the wetland. [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]


Swans float on the clear blue lake at Nanhai Wetland Scenic Spot. Flocks of swans have been spotted around Baotou city as spring approaches. The swans feed on the straw and grain around the shoals and will leave for Mongolia and Russia in about a month's time. [Photo/baotounews.com.cn]