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  • Braised camel hoof


    Camel hooves are a special kind of delicacy in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and just as famous as China's legendary bear paws.

  • Caoyuan muge (Pastoral for the Prairie) Restaurant


    Pastoral for the Prairie is a popular hotpot restaurant, decorated in Mongolian style to bring customers closer to nature.

  • Shengluyuan Restaurant


    Shengluyuan Restaurant is located in Genghis Khan Ecological Park, the largest interior grassland of Baotou.

  • Chouzi smoked bacon, time-honored restaurant in Baotou


    Chouzi smoked bacon has a long history in Baotou. It is simple to make and easy to store, making it a national intangible cultural heritage and a time-honored brand in Baotou.