• One-time nomads hang on


    This is the quietest season in the northern pasturelands of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Modernity looms in new weave works


    What's the top must-see sight for visitors spending only one afternoon in the downtown area of Chifeng, the most populous city in the east of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region?

  • Roaming hospitality


    Two hours from Beijing, there is a totally different culture at play, where ethnic characteristics color local customs and visitors are surprised at every turn. Pauline D. Loh reports from Hohhot and the Xar Moron Grassland.

  • With a push from dad, boy motorcyclist flying high


    It's Wang Ke's debut as a guest performer at the 2013 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship.

  • Seeds of hope


    Ancient millet varieties from an arid swathe of Inner Mongolia could provide food security as growing water shortages threaten agriculture globally.

  • Making the deserts bloom


    Yi Jiefang's world collapsed when her only son, Yang Ruizhe, 22, died in a road accident in Japan in 2000.

  • Festival of dreams


    When rock musician Magtaal first laid eyes on the beauty of Guyuan county, Hebei province, he knew it would be the perfect place for a music festival.

  • Ancient Xanadu still amazes


    Built in 1259, Xanadu shaped Westerners' perception of a wealthy Oriental land after Marco Polo described the town in flamboyant language in his work.

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