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Cash-free restaurant makes its debut up north      2016-04-05

Certainly, this non-cash payment method does represent the new "smart shop" approach, one industry insider says.

Experiential safety education in Baotou      2016-03-29

A special safety education class recently opened at the 45th middle school in Baotou, Inner Mongolia as a part of the national pilot program of promoting experiential safety education.

Spring's coming up north      2016-03-23

As spring approaches, the people of Baotou are hanging out with family members and friends just enjoying the good weather, or having a bit of farm fun in rural areas or planting a tree to sow green hope for nature.

Good luck haircuts in Baotou      2016-03-11

For China's traditional Longtaitou Festival, on the second day of the second lunar month or March 10 this year, the Chinese like to get a nice haircut to make an auspicious start to the New Year.

Baotou banks entering 'intellegent era'      2016-03-11

a robot named "Mengmeng" making its first appearance at Baotou Agricultural and Commercial Bank, on Mar 4.

National book fair in Baotou set for July      2016-03-11

Baotou will be the site of the 26th National Book Fair this coming July 28-30, with preparation work, for example looking for volunteers proceeding smoothly.

Baotou International Youth Music Festival reaching wide audience      2016-03-10

Baotou will be starting its International Youth Music Festival in the municipal theater on May 13, and it is keeping the ticket prices in an affordable range to give more people an enjoyable music experience.

Aviation Naadam coming to Baotou this year      2016-03-09

The Party secretary of Baotou, Wang Zhonghe, met with a delegation from the China Aviation Industry Group, on Mar 3, to discuss aviation business in Baotou and its desire to hold an aviation Naadam.

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Nightfall marathon to shine Ordos

Organizers for the 2017 Ordos International Marathon announced on Tuesday at a press conference in Beijing that the race will begin at 17:00 on Aug 19.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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