• China champs at the bit


    Horseracing is common on grasslands inhabited by Mongolians, but something has suddenly made such scenes look more exotic. When eight thoroughbred horseracing competitions began on the turf at Hohhot, capital of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Sept 21, the stakeholders of this event unanimously believed it a milestone for an almost non-existent industry on the Chinese mainland.

  • Inner Mongolia Special: Grasslands alive with 'World Music'


    The grasslands of Inner Mongolia were alive with the sound of music this summer as the World Music Essence festival brought 24 outdoor concerts to Hohhot, capital of the autonomous region.

  • Proud children of Genghis Khan


    We could feel his presence the moment we touched down in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Genghis Khan, the father of the Mongolian people, is still very much alive in the hearts of his descendants even though he died in 1227. The Mongolians believe no one else can be their hero.

  • Quiet frontiers


    China has many border crossings on land and sea, but none has the romance and history of this little city tucked away in the northeast of the country on the vast Hulunbuir grasslands.

  • One-time nomads hang on


    This is the quietest season in the northern pasturelands of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Modernity looms in new weave works


    What's the top must-see sight for visitors spending only one afternoon in the downtown area of Chifeng, the most populous city in the east of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region?

  • Roaming hospitality


    Two hours from Beijing, there is a totally different culture at play, where ethnic characteristics color local customs and visitors are surprised at every turn. Pauline D. Loh reports from Hohhot and the Xar Moron Grassland.

  • With a push from dad, boy motorcyclist flying high


    It's Wang Ke's debut as a guest performer at the 2013 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship.

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