• Seeds of hope


    Ancient millet varieties from an arid swathe of Inner Mongolia could provide food security as growing water shortages threaten agriculture globally.

  • Making the deserts bloom


    Yi Jiefang's world collapsed when her only son, Yang Ruizhe, 22, died in a road accident in Japan in 2000.

  • Festival of dreams


    When rock musician Magtaal first laid eyes on the beauty of Guyuan county, Hebei province, he knew it would be the perfect place for a music festival.

  • Ancient Xanadu still amazes


    Built in 1259, Xanadu shaped Westerners' perception of a wealthy Oriental land after Marco Polo described the town in flamboyant language in his work.

  • Sounds of Inner Mongolia capture Broadway producer


    Broadway veteran Don Frantz, associate producer of the Tony Award-winning production Lion King, wants to expand his horizons in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Traveling to Inner Mongolia


    It's best to visit Inner Mongolia from July to Sept, where tourists can enjoy the nature and horseback riding.

  • Voice of tradition


    A school in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region ensures the ancient sounds of throat singing reverberates through the past and into the future.

  • Top 10 places for camping in China


    Take a look at China's top 10 camping sites.

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