• Wang Jingchun wins 'Best Actor' in Tokyo Film Festival


    Chinese actor Wang Jingchun won the "Best Actor" award for his excellent performance in "To Live and Die in Ordos" at the 26th Tokyo Int'l Film Festival.

  • Last of the reindeer hunters


    It was late September and the breathtaking scenery dyed in boundless golden color spread across the Greater Hinggan Mountains in the far northeastern district of Hulunbuir in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • River valley produces wetlands wonder


    As I travel from Genhe city to Hailar district in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's most northeast area of Hulunbuir, I manage to squeeze in half a day to explore the mesmerizing Ergun Wetland.

  • A day with the old folks


    On Saturday morning, one day before Chongyang Festival, which celebrates senior citizens in Chinese culture, I joined a group visit to a nursing home in the southern outskirts of Hohhot, capital of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Pure Mongolian pleasures


    This is the wild northern grassland where Mongolian ponies bearing the sons and grandsons of the Great Khan had thundered on the warpath. It's a lot quieter these days and full of tasty surprises, as Pauline D. Loh discovers at the dinning table.

  • Great green mountain


    An autumn excursion into the foothills surrounding a city can yield quite a few surprises. Ventured out in Hohhot and get up close and personal with nature.

  • China champs at the bit


    Horseracing is common on grasslands inhabited by Mongolians, but something has suddenly made such scenes look more exotic. When eight thoroughbred horseracing competitions began on the turf at Hohhot, capital of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Sept 21, the stakeholders of this event unanimously believed it a milestone for an almost non-existent industry on the Chinese mainland.

  • Inner Mongolia Special: Grasslands alive with 'World Music'


    The grasslands of Inner Mongolia were alive with the sound of music this summer as the World Music Essence festival brought 24 outdoor concerts to Hohhot, capital of the autonomous region.

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