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There's no escaping the call of the wild      2015-03-20

No matter how big a city we live in, we're followed, it seems, by a deep-seated nostalgia for the long-ago life of nomadic hunters, who made camp wherever the wind and wild herds took them.

Residents from Hohhot can visit Taiwan on individual tour      2015-03-18

Residents from 11 more Chinese mainland cities can visit Taiwan on individual tours, authorities announced on Wednesday.

Critics: Wolf Totem distorts Mongolian culture      2015-03-11

Critics have described the film Wolf Totem as a distortion of Mongolian culture, Xing Yi reports.

Charison fishing and hunting culture tourism festival attracts tourists      2014-12-24

The first Charison Lake Ice and Snow Fishing and Hunting Culture Tourism Festival kicked off in Hinggan League on Dec 20 and will last until Jan 23, 2015.

China sweeps monthly wrestling event      2014-12-15

China's wrestler Altansuh won the title in a monthly wrestling league competition attending by 16 wrestlers from China and Mongolia on Saturday in Hohhot.

'Santa Clauses' run for charity      2014-12-03

Dressed like Santa Claus, 126 runners participate in a campaign organized by Hohhot Shangri-La Hotel in Inner Mongolia on Nov 30.

Experiencing local culture in folk crafts and ethnic costumes      2014-11-27

The city of Hohhot hosted a group of activities to attract more people to learn about Mongolian culture.

Whistling meadows      2014-09-22

At 7 am daily, lawyer Kui Jiliang puts on his designer suit to head to work in downtown Beijing. But before that, for about 15 minutes, he practices khoomei, an ancient throat-singing technique of the ethnic Mongolians and Tuvans, in which the vocalist is able to sing in two voices simultaneously.

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Nightfall marathon to shine Ordos

Organizers for the 2017 Ordos International Marathon announced on Tuesday at a press conference in Beijing that the race will begin at 17:00 on Aug 19.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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