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Ancient saddles preserved at horse museum      2014-06-17

A police officer in Inner Mongolia may come across as a no-nonsense man - but get him talking about his favorite topic and you will soon learn he simply loves horsing around. Alexis Hooi reports.

Matouqin takes the lead in an orchestra with a difference      2014-05-23

Few people knew about Uxin, the small banner in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, before the matouqin symphony orchestra was created in May 2013. It was the country's first symphony orchestra featuring an instrument from an ethnic group.

A divine inheritance      2014-04-05

For Jinbao, a 25-year-old man of the Mongolian ethnic group, every day looks the same, but is equally solemn and sacred.

Top 10 happiest cities in China      2014-03-19

According to "China's Economic Life Survey 2013-2014", released by CCTV (China Central Television) on March 4, 20 cities in China has been selected as the happiest cities in the country.

Dance to the fading drumbeat      2014-03-12

Another centuries-old tradition is at risk of losing its luster. Wang Kaihao traces the dying art of naoge, a unique pageantry.

Premier's letter lauds progress in shantytown      2014-02-19

For Gao Junping, an unexpected visit to his home last February by then-vice-premier Li Keqiang helped his family realize a dream of generations - moving out of a run-down residence in a poverty-stricken shantytown.

Nation to unify pension program      2014-02-08

The central government announced on Friday it will unify the pension insurance system for rural and urban residents, which experts called a significant move toward promoting equality among citizens.

Horses in north China's Inner Mongolia      2014-01-30

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the upcoming lunar new year is the year of horse, which stands for strength, loyalty, boldness and vigorousness.

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Nightfall marathon to shine Ordos

Organizers for the 2017 Ordos International Marathon announced on Tuesday at a press conference in Beijing that the race will begin at 17:00 on Aug 19.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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