• Festival of dreams


    When rock musician Magtaal first laid eyes on the beauty of Guyuan county, Hebei province, he knew it would be the perfect place for a music festival.

  • Ancient Xanadu still amazes


    Built in 1259, Xanadu shaped Westerners' perception of a wealthy Oriental land after Marco Polo described the town in flamboyant language in his work.

  • Sounds of Inner Mongolia capture Broadway producer


    Broadway veteran Don Frantz, associate producer of the Tony Award-winning production Lion King, wants to expand his horizons in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Traveling to Inner Mongolia


    It's best to visit Inner Mongolia from July to Sept, where tourists can enjoy the nature and horseback riding.

  • Voice of tradition


    A school in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region ensures the ancient sounds of throat singing reverberates through the past and into the future.

  • Top 10 places for camping in China


    Take a look at China's top 10 camping sites.

  • Wulagai hosts competition in grassland paradise


    The 2nd China Inner Mongolia International Archery Competition came to a close on Monday in Wu La Gai, an administrative district of Xinlin Gol League in China’s northern Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • French wine dragon


    Holding a glass of red wine and wandering in the underground cellar packed with more than 1,600 oak barrels, Frenchman Bruno Paumard stops from time to time to sniff and sip. He touches the barrels gently, as if caressing his baby.

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