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'Journey in Beautiful China' arrives in Arxan      2015-06-23

Media attending the activity "2015 Journey in Beautiful China-Inner Mongolia" started the journey in Arxan, a small city on the Sino-Mongolian border, from June 14-16.

Design exhibition kicks off in IMNU      2015-06-18

As a celebration of the 60th anniversary of Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU)'s arts disciplines, the exhibition of undergraduate artworks from the University's International Modern Design Art College was held on June 15.

Individuals, enterprises innovate for low carbon living      2015-06-18

BEIJING, July 20 (Xinhuanet) -- A forum on low-carbon living has been held in Guiyang, southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Manzhouli vows to facilitate Sino-Europe container transport      2015-06-17

The Silk Road Port Regional Cooperation Conference and the Sino-Russia-Europe Container Transportation Facilitation Seminar were held in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on June 16.

World Leisure Games promoted in Hohhot      2015-06-16

A conference to promote the Second World Leisure Games was held in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on June 15.

Mongolian ethnic cultural heritages on stage in Palace Museum      2015-06-16

With the theme "I'm from the grasslands", a performance on cultural heritage was staged in the Palace Museum in Beijing to celebrate the 10th Chinese Cultural Heritage Day on June 13.

Chinese Yili Group launches European 'benchmarking tour'      2015-06-16

A delegation from Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd set off on June 8 to Europe for an investigation and exchange trip dubbed its "benchmarking tour".

Carbon market may expand by next year      2015-06-16

A national carbon market will start in late 2016 or early 2017, a senior climate official said.

Mongolians exalt fire spirit in Bayannur

A fire ceremony held to pray for blessings commenced Bayannur of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 20.

Inner Mongolia Enchants Tourists On Winter Grasslands

Inner Mongolia has promoted winter tourism via an assortment of festivals and events and to present its natural resources alongside unique nomadic culture.

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