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Grasslands protection in Inner Mongolia      2015-06-08

Inner Mongolia is always associated with grasslands.

Mongolian traditional medicine exchanges with western medicine      2015-06-08

Academic exchanges between traditional Mongolian medicine and western medicine were held in Hohhot's Inner Mongolia International Mongolian Hospital, when a US medical delegation visited the hospital from June 1 to 5.

A glimpse of Inner Mongolia's grassland protection      2015-06-05

With the 44th World Environment Day celebrated on Jun 5, it's a good time to take stock of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's environmental protection measures and projects in the past dozen years.

IMAU opens Training and Research Center for Overseas Studies      2015-06-05

Inner Mongolia autonomous region's first Training and Research Center for Overseas Studies opened in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (IMAU) on June 3, coinciding with a pre-departure training conference of 306 students who will study abroad.

Asian women's boxing championships to open in Inner Mongolia      2015-06-04

The nine-day Asian Women's Boxing Championships will open on August 6 in Ulanqab of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, organizers said on June 4.

Painting and calligraphy exhibition opens in IMNU      2015-06-04

The College of Ethnic Arts at Inner Mongolia Normal University held an exhibition of painting and calligraphy by Chen Guoxiang on May 20th, as a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the university's arts disciplines.

World-renowned matouqin player performs in IMNU      2015-06-04

As a celebration of the 60th anniversary of Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU)'s arts disciplines, Chi Baolege performed a concert of matouqin, or horse-head fiddle, in the university on Jan 16.

Inner Monogolia publishes first Mongolian audiobook      2015-06-02

The first Mongolian audiobook made its debut in a Hohhot kindergarten in Inner Mongolia autonomous region on May 29.

Mongolians exalt fire spirit in Bayannur

A fire ceremony held to pray for blessings commenced Bayannur of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 20.

Inner Mongolia Enchants Tourists On Winter Grasslands

Inner Mongolia has promoted winter tourism via an assortment of festivals and events and to present its natural resources alongside unique nomadic culture.

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