• North China looking for big increase in poverty-assistance loans


    At a press conference in the city of Hohot, Inner Mongolia, on Feb 23, the regional government said it will be pushing for more financing for poverty-assistance this year, with the idea of adding 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) in loans and a larger role in policies, commercial finance, and poverty alleviation.

  • Economy expected to rise in the wake of second child ruling


    In Baotou, the number of couples responding to China's major one-child policy change this past Jan 1 has resulted in "steady growth" in those opting to have a second child, which in turn is expected to cause a boom in the economy as the policy takes full effect.

  • North China cultural heritage activity


    When the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia put on some "cultural heritage" performances, Feb 21 - 23, they included national, regional, and city cultural items in nine banner counties.

  • North China helps farmers and herdsmen get other jobs


    The Human Resources and Social Security Department of Inner Mongolia reports on Feb 23 that it will find more jobs for the surplus labor force in rural areas and help more than 2,450,000 farmers and herdsmen get work elsewhere.

  • North China ‘club fire' performance for Lantern Festival


    The Dashengkui cultural zone in the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia put on a Lantern Festival temple fair, on Feb 22, bringing in many folk artist teams for a traditional folk art "club fire" activity, with a large number of residents coming to enjoy the event.

  • Traditional handcrafts welcomed at Temple Fair


    Dozens of booths have been set up to sell handmade arts and crafts at a Temple Fair in Baotou.

  • North China continues its greening work


    The Bureau of Landscape in the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia held its annual spring landscaping and tree-planting activity, on Feb 22, with landscapers planting trees in Halaqin Park and Chilechuan Park and along several main roads.

  • North China Lantern Festival


    For the Lantern Festival which falls on Feb 22 this year, the residents of the city of Hohhot, came out on the evening before to Dazhao Square and old Saishang Street and Guanyin Temple to enjoy the huge display of lanterns.

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