• Big goal for North China highway construction in 2016


    At an Inner Mongolia transportation conference, on Jan 11, it was announced that the region has plans to put 85 billion yuan ($12.9 billion) into highway construction this year.

  • China-Europe train adds new lines


    The Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Administration of Inner Mongolia has announced that the "China-Europe" train in the region now has 17 lines.

  • North China working on public sports services under new Five-year Plan


    Inner Mongolia's sports bureau reported at a sports conference in Hohhot, on Jan 11, that it plans to improve sports for the masses on a daily basis as part of the "13th Five-year Plan" by getting cities to work for a "fitness in 10 minutes" program by building fitness centers in all banner counties and small centers in the town of Sumu town and in the village of Gazha.

  • China-Mongolia snow festival in Inner Mongolia


    The 1st China-Mongolia Snow and Ice Festival got off to a frosty start at the Naadam Culture Industry Park in Darhan Muminggan banner, near the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia on Jan 10, 2016, for a 50-day celebration of nomadic culture.

  • North China capital sets urban employment record


    The human resources and social security bureau of the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia has reported on its employment activity for 2015.

  • Inner Mongolia applying for national art funds


    After China's Culture and Finance ministries established a National Endowment for the Arts on Dec 31, 2013, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's Culture Department has managed to set up an annual art fund over the past two years.

  • Inner Mongolia's mining environment changing a lot


    The Inner Mongolia autonomous region reports that it has put 985 million yuan ($149 million) into controlling the mining environment since 2012 in an area of 570 square kilometers of mines to bring greater harmony to the area.

  • North China agricultural expo coming to Beijing


    The Inner Mongolia Green Agriculture and Livestock Product Expo will open at Beijing’s Agriculture Exhibition Center, on Jan 15, Xinhua reported on Jan 7.

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