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Hohhot celebrates spring with colorful performance      2015-02-28

A 20-day cultural and arts feast kicked off for audiences in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Feb 26.

China steps up grassland protection      2015-02-28

The improvement in grassland ecosystems in China has speeded up and productivity in some regions has recovered to the level of the 1980s.

A Peek into the Life of a Farmer in Inner Mongolia      2015-02-16

Along with the rapid economic development in China, the remote villages in Inner Mongolia have also been transformed.

Inner Mongolian Herders Switch to Tourism to Protect Grasslands      2015-02-16

Flocks of bleating lamb greet tourists who come to stay in traditional Mongolian yurts and new homesteads run by Mongolian herdsmen in Inner Mongolia.

Fossils of earliest tree-dwelling, subterranean mammals found in China      2015-02-13

Two 160 million-year-old fossils from the dinosaur-dominated Mesozoic era suggested that mammals had adapted to wide-ranging environments even at this early stage in their evolution, researchers from China and the United States said on Thursday.

Gifts sent from Mongolian president arrive in Erenhot      2015-02-13

Two horses from Mongolia arrived in China on Thursday, as gifts delivered by Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj to Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan.

Inner Mongolian enterprise develops Mongolian speaking robot      2015-02-13

A Mongolian speaking robot made its debut in the capital city of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 21.

Fighting the cold      2015-02-13

PLA marines endure a monthlong training exercise, and pass with flying colors

Mongolians exalt fire spirit in Bayannur

A fire ceremony held to pray for blessings commenced Bayannur of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 20.

Inner Mongolia Enchants Tourists On Winter Grasslands

Inner Mongolia has promoted winter tourism via an assortment of festivals and events and to present its natural resources alongside unique nomadic culture.

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