• A rush for jobs


    A job fair for new graduates was held in Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot on Nov 15, with 180 employers from 11 provinces and regions have offered over 2,300 posts.

  • Night scenery of Bayanhot


    As night falls, Bayanhot in Alxa League, Inner Mongolia blazes with lights and colors. The night scene is an attraction for some of the town’s visitors.

  • Imported forages arrive in Inner Mongolia


    As husbandry booms in China, the price of forage keeps rising. It is estimated that China will import 100,000 tons forage from Mongolia by the end of 2015.

  • Brazilian delegation discovers Inner Mongolia football reform


    A delegation from Brazil started a tour of Inner Mongolia on Nov 10 to learn about the region’s football reform and development.

  • China, Mongolia issue joint statement on all-round cooperation


    China and Mongolia issued a joint statement on deepening their comprehensive strategic partnership on Nov 11 as Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj wrapped up his three-day visit.

  • Inner Mongolia to absorb Brazil's experience to cultivate soccer players


    Fluminense, one of most renowned Brazilian soccer clubs, has agreed to help build soccer academies in China in an effort to foster talents for the world's most populous nation.

  • 'Our missions are secret'


    By early November, the leaves of the plants and trees on the vast grassland of the Xilin Golleague, a prefecture-level division of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, had turned to golden brown, but Lyu Mingbao had no time for the beautiful scenery. Instead, his eyes were firmly focused on two bulletproof trucks that were transporting bank notes on the 350-km journey to a city on China's border with Mongolia.

  • Threats to country's biodiversity spelled out in report


    A report by the World Wild Fund for Nature has sounded a warning on the state of China's biodiversity - the different types of species found in the country and variations within them.

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