• Model workers to promote the spirit of the craftsman


    Known as the “steel city on the grassland”, Baotou has been leading the way in industrial development in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Model workers and businesses in the city have been awarded recently with the honor of promoting the spirit of craftsman, which includes determination, patience and the desire for perfection.

  • USA youth democrats visit Inner Mongolia


    Youth delegates of America’s Democratic Party visited Inner Mongolia yesterday, receiving a grand welcome from regional officials.

  • Ar Horqin plants over 700 sq km of grass


    In recent weeks, Chifeng’s Ar Horqin Banner has worked on cultivating high-quality forage grass measuring over 713 square kilometers, thanks to its increasingly improved production chain and well-equipped facilities.

  • Shared bikes roll into Ordos


    A total of 1,000 shared bikes operated by Mobike Company were put into service in Kangbashi district, Ordos on May 10.

  • Mongolian calligraphy works exhibited in Erenhot


    An exhibition was held to showcase Mongolian calligraphy works created by brush-enthusiasts from Xilin Gol League.

  • Grinning faces on World Smile Day


    Journalists from Inner Mongolia Daily interviewed dozens of people from all walks of life, seeking out grinning faces on May 8 to mark World Smile Day.

  • Hohhot celebrates Red Cross Day


    The Hohhot Red Cross Society offered voluntary services for local communities to on May 8 to commemorate the 70th World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

  • Baotou amateur table tennis competition shows growing popularity


    More than 280 Baotou residents took part in the fifth annual table tennis competition organized by Taobaocheng, a local club, on May 6, according to local media.

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