• Peach blossoms decorate Hohhot


    As temperatures rise, peach blossoms have begun to bloom in Hohhot, embellishing the city as a flower-filled sea.

  • Mongolia’s forage grass exported to Hulunbuir


    Tons of forage grass was transported to Xin Barag Left Banner, Hulunbuir on April 5, marking the first batch of herbage imported from Mongolia to Inner Mongolia this year.

  • Inaugural load of Russian wheat


    A cargo train loaded with nearly 500 tons of wheat imported from Russia arrived in Inner Mongolia’s Manzhouli at 10:35 am on April 8, marking China’s first breakthrough for importing Russian wheat.

  • Foreign coaches teach soccer in Hohhot


    Appointed as a national-level soccer pilot zone, Inner Mongolia has poured much effort in constructing soccer pitches and training youth in the sport.

  • Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei recruitment fair held in Hohhot


    A job recruitment fair drew 620 businesses from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to Inner Mongolia’s Hohhot on April 8.

  • Hohhot high-speed railway nears completion


    The construction of Hohhot high-speed railway has almost been completed and has now entered the debugging and testing period, according to Hohhot railway department.

  • Qing Ming tourists spend big in Inner Mongolia


    Inner Mongolia received over 3.6 million tourists from April 2 to 4, earning revenues of around 2.1 billion yuan ($304.6 million), according to the region’s tourism department.

  • Inner Mongolia becomes a paradise for migratory birds


    With a wide span of longitudes, Inner Mongolia boasts over 180 nature reserves and 49 national-level wetland parks, all of which attract flocks of migratory birds to perch there during the long journeys.

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