• Inner Mongolia commemorates martyrs


    A series of commemorative events were held to salute fallen soldiers and policemen in Inner Mongolia during the Tomb Sweeping Day.

  • Inner Mongolia promotes green tributes


    Inner Mongolia arranged 26 public spots for local residents to commemorate their deceased loved ones during Tomb Sweeping Day to promote greener and more civilized ways to practice the traditions associated with the holiday.

  • Foreign students sample traditional foods


    An event focused on traditional Chinese food made from oats and wheaten flour, attracted dozens of foreign students and locals to experience culinary delights at Inner Mongolia University.

  • Hohhot event honors fallen police officers


    A ceremony to commemorate police officers killed in the line of duty was held by Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau in Hohhot on March 31.

  • Swans sweep across Hexigten Banner


    As temperatures rise, Inner Mongolia’s Hexigten Banner has become a paradise for migratory birds, especially swans, to rest and eat, and then continue flying to the north for breeding.

  • Animal-shaped buns made for Qingming Festival


    Various steamed buns in the shape of birds and animals were made by local residents in a village of Saihan district, Hohhot on April 1, a traditional way for people in Northwest China to celebrate the Qingming Festival.

  • Poetry recital held in Hohhot


    A poetry recital was held at a primary school in Hohhot on March 31, with the purpose of gathering young pupils to celebrate the warm spring and letting teenagers experience the beauty of poetry.

  • National men's freestyle wrestling qualifier held in Ulanqab


    The Men’s Freestyle Wrestling Qualifier for the 13th National Games in conjunction with a national-level men’s wrestling championship began in Inner Mongolia’s Ulanqab on March 29.

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