• Togtoh county celebrates Lantern Festival


    Folk customs were performed on stage in Togtoh county of Hohhot on Feb 10, for the celebration of Lantern Festival, bringing traditional culture to life.

  • Homemade lanterns light up festival


    To celebrate Lantern Festival, Inner Mongolia Exhibition Center organized residents in communities of Hohhot to make paper lanterns and devise lantern riddles on Feb 10.

  • Folk customs celebrate Lantern Festival


    People in Hohhot performed traditional dances to celebrate Lantern Festival on Feb 11.

  • Hulunbuir hosts winter carnival


    On Feb 8, live performances were hosted on snow-covered grasslands in Chen Barag Banner, Hulunbuir League, highlighting multiple ethnic customs and lifestyles.

  • Multiple ethnic customs enrich Hulunbuir


    Events showcasing the folk customs and lifestyles of ethnic groups including the Daur, the Ewenki, and the Oroqen, began in Hailar district, Hulunbuir, on Feb 7.

  • Poetry recital greets new season


    A poetry recital to welcome the warmer spring weather began in Yuquan district of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Feb 6.

  • Discover matryoshka dolls in Manzhouli


    Sitting at the China-Russia-Mongolia junction, Manzhouli in Hulunbuir League has designed a matryoshka-themed square where locals and tourists can experience exotic air.

  • First tourism promotion convention held in Hulunbuir


    Inner Mongolia held the First Regional Tourism Promotion Conference in Hulunbuir on Feb 8, to introduce local grasslands scenery and traditional culture.

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