• Inner Mongolia marks 70th anniversary with sports


    On Feb 7, Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau announced it will hold 12 large-scale sports events from May to September in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Electricians work on power lines in Wuhai


    On Feb 3, staff from the transmission office of Wuhai power department examined high-voltage power lines in a sparsely populated area of Wuhai.

  • Snowfall causes traffic disruption in Hohhot


    A moderate snowfall in Hohhot caused disruption on the roads during the early morning of Feb 7, closing several arterial highways and roads, and triggering ing hazardous driving conditions in downtown areas.

  • Young pupils learn paper cutting


    Young pupils in Hohhot recently learned the traditional folk art of paper cutting at the studio of Cui Xia, a skilled artist of intangible culture heritage, in Hohhot.

  • Post-holiday rush at train stations


    As Spring Festival ends, train stations in Hohhot braced for a post-holiday travel rush on Feb 7.

  • Mongol snow sports in Xin Barag Left Banner


    To promote winter tourism, the government of Xin Barag Left Banner organized a Mongol winter sporting event including horse racing, camel racing, archery, and Bohk (Mongolian wrestling).

  • Ice and snow festival in Ulanqab


    The 2017 Ulanqab Ice and Snow Festival has attracted hundreds of visitors since Jan 20.

  • Inner Mongolians enjoy oat flour foods


    Feb 6 marked the 10th day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar, during which people in Inner Mongolia ate foods made with hulless oat flour.

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