• Foods made using hulless oat flour


    Youmian (hulless oat flour) is a specialty in Hohhot, and can be steamed or fried.

  • Dancing gala held to celebrate New Year


    Several art troupes presented spectacular performances for the audience at Inner Mongolia Ethnic Art Theater in Hohhot on the evening of Jan 6.

  • Ice and snow festival entertains Arxan city


    Recently, an ice and snow festival in Arxan commenced with a variety of events, including ice sculpture exhibitions, ice lantern shows, and winter sports activities.

  • Baotou aircraft wins award for livery


    A Baotou-based aircraft named Create Dream topped the 2017 National Image Aircraft Painting Top 10 List released by the World Tourism Development Forum.

  • Camel race begins in Bayannur


    A 50-kilometer camel race was held in Urad Rear Banner of Bayannur League, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 3.

  • Horses gallop through snow-covered land


    Horse performances were held during the 14th Ice and Snow Nadam in conjunction with the 7th Art Festival of Mongolian Winter Costumes held in Xilin Gol League, on Jan 6.

  • Rainbow arches over Xilinhot


    A rare rainbow arched over the sky of Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Jan 10.

  • Shaomai comes on show at festival


    The Yuquan district government launched the Shaomai Festival recently to promote traditions surrounding the specialty of shaomai (steamed meat dumpling) and Hohhot’s tourism at the same time.

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