• Inner Mongolia to build data center in North China


    Inner Mongolia has set goals for developing its big data and cloud computing industries, with the ambition of building up the largest data center in North China over the next three to five years.

  • Russian ‘Knights’ touch down in Hohhot


    The Russian Knights Aerobatic Team, with Sukhoi-27 jets and one Ilyushin-76 jet, arrived at the Hohhot Baita International Airport, in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Oct 25.

  • Li Jiheng inspects Baotou rare earth research center


    Li Jiheng, secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Committee of the CPC, inspected the Baotou Rare Earth Research and Development Center of the CAS in Baotou on Sept 22.

  • Children experience Mongolian customs


    Hundreds of young pupils experienced Mongolian ethnic customs and lifestyle at a local film shooting center in Hohhot’s Huimin district, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Oct 25.

  • Li Jiheng advances cultural tourism in Inner Mongolia


    Li Jiheng, secretary of Inner Mongolia Party Committee, recently visited Hinggan League, Xilin Gol League, and Hulunbuir League, with a focus on the development of cultural tourism in Inner Mongolia.

  • Youth palace provides extracurricular education for rural pupils


    A newly-constructed children’s palace was unveiled at the Inner Mongolia Hangtian Primary School, in Hohhot’s Saihan district, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Oct 18.

  • Ordos knocks out Shanxi in 2nd round of CTTSL


    Ordos 1980 Club beat Shanxi Datuhe Club 3-0 during the second round of the Women’s Team Championship of the 2016 China Table Tennis Super League (CTTSL) in Inner Mongolia Normal University on Oct 19.

  • Mongolian medicine: no trick but treatment


    Oct 22 marked the 25th annual World Traditional Medicine Day, on which reporters came to visit the Inner Mongolia International Mongolian Medicine Hospital.

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