• Framework agreement for getting Chinese and Mongolian medicine online


    This is a breakthrough for the region in merging medicine development and the Internet-Plus for a complete medicine industry chain and it brings about 500 jobs for locals.

  • Inner Mongolia providing mobile medical services


    Some banners (counties) in Inner Mongolia cover a vast area and have a scattered population, inconvenient transportation, and backward medical and health services so the region has come up with a mobile medical service system, using vehicles with the necessary equipment.

  • Inner Mongolia International Agricultural Expo is a success


    When the 18th Inner Mongolia International Agricultural Expo came to a close in the Inner Mongolia International Exhibition Center, in the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, on March 18, it had attracted 400 enterprises and about 50,000 visitors with a turnover of 470 million yuan, and 8 million yuan in income for the companies.

  • Northerners do an evening run for Earth Hour


    The city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia saw hundreds of people turning out for evening run under the fluorescent lighting at a grassland park to celebrate Earth Hour, on March 19.

  • Inner Mongolia cloud-computing development conference


    The city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia held a cloud-computing industry conference, on March 17, chaired by Di Ruiming, the executive vice mayor and a municipal Party standing committee member, to gather reports on progress in the city's cloud-computing project.

  • Inner Mongolia gets earthquake science museum


    The city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia opened its Earthquake Science Museum, on March 17, thanks to the seismology bureau of the city's Yuquan district.

  • North China police protecting wildlife in border areas


    With the ecological improvement of Inner Mongolia's grassland in recent years, the antelopes and other protected animals such as the Mongolian gazelle, argali, and wild donkeys have been reappearing in the border area of Xilin Gol League, where police from a border detachment have been working with herdsmen in patrolling the area and installing infrared cameras to fight illegal hunting and create a safe environment for wildlife.

  • Safety education for Hohhot students


    Inner Mongolia's Education Department held a "Love life -- safety education" activity at a primary school in the city of Hohhot's Saihan district, on March 15.

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