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4.8b yuan achieved at China National Commodity Trade Fair      2014-07-25

The eighth China National Commodity Trade Fair concluded on July 22, realizing a trading volume of 4.8 billion yuan ($ 768 million) in five days.

News Analysis: Turning point for Chinese property market?      2014-07-25

The Chinese property market is facing a correction period as a downward trend emerged in more cities, with many local governments choosing to boost the market through lifting home purchase restrictions.

Dissatisfaction with food safety pervasive, survey finds      2014-07-25

Eighty percent of the 3,166 respondents said they are not satisfied with food safety in China, according to a survey released on Thursday.

Output quotas rise 10% for rare earth firms      2014-07-25

The government will increase exploration and production quotas for rare earth companies by 10 percent this year to bring output in line with the sector's capacity, a senior official said.

The Adventures of Marco Polo in Hohhot      2014-07-23

An audio-visual feast featuring Marco Polo's legendary travels is being presented in Hohhot's Wulanqiate Grand Theatre, Inner Mongolia, on July 19.

China to curb blind investment in coal-to-gas      2014-07-23

China's National Energy Administration has told local authorities to curb irrational development of coal-to-oil and coal-to-gas projects.

23rd Nadam Fair opens in Bairin Right Banner, N China      2014-07-23

Nadam, which means "entertainment and games" in Mongolian language, has a tradition of more than 700 years. Over 30,000 local residents and visitors will participate in activities like horse racing, archery, Mongolian wrestling, costumes show, art competition, etc.

Government cuts back on coal conversion projects      2014-07-23

China's National Energy Administration has told local authorities to curb the irrational development of coal-to-oil and coal-to-gas projects, after new technology sparked an investment spree without regard to environmental and economic realities.

Mongolians exalt fire spirit in Bayannur

A fire ceremony held to pray for blessings commenced Bayannur of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 20.

Inner Mongolia Enchants Tourists On Winter Grasslands

Inner Mongolia has promoted winter tourism via an assortment of festivals and events and to present its natural resources alongside unique nomadic culture.

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