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Hohhot trounces Xinjiang at home      2017-06-29

Hohhot Little Grass Football Club beat Xinjiang Lottery Football Club 4-1 during the 15th round of China League on June 24.

Inner Mongolia records growing foreign trade      2017-06-29

Inner Mongolia earned over 1.2 billion yuan ($830 million) in import and export trade during May, with a 31.5 percent increase compared to the same period last year, according to the region’s commerce bureau.

Books donations help migrant children in Hohhot      2017-06-28

Hundreds of migrant children in Hohhot received books donated from Inner Mongolia Library on June 27. The event organizers hope to improve education standards for the children of migrant workers.

Hulunbuir meadow confronts drought      2017-06-28

Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia is currently experiencing a drought due to continuing hot and dry weather conditions. Over 6.5 million hectares of meadow fields and 430,000 hectares of crops have been impacted.

Young musicians embrace art festival      2017-06-28

Hundreds of young musicians competed in the Inner Mongolia Division Trials of China International Youth Art Festival on June 27.

Inner Mongolia promotes drug education      2017-06-27

A series of events organized by regional narcotics control associations on June 26 aimed to highlight the danger of drugs especially among the young.

Ceramic art draws young enthusiasts      2017-06-27

In recent weeks, Inner Mongolia's Qingshuihe county has sought ways to promote traditional ceramics in local schools, drawing many young enthusiasts to engage the art.

Teenagers compete in shooting championships      2017-06-26

The youth shooting championships took place in Hohhot from June 23 to 25, engaging 355 of the region’s teenagers in assorted pistol and rifle competitions.

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Grassland 'rugby' highlights Ewenki athleticism

A rugby-like sport, qiang shu, recently debuted at the Ninth Traditional Sports of Ethnic Groups competition in Ordos, allowing the audience a taste of the traditional Ewenki game.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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