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Yang Wei wins gold at Azerbaijan ISSF World Cup      2017-06-19

Yang Wei from Inner Mongolia won gold during the men’s 10-meter air pistol match at the ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup held in Gabala, Azerbaijan on June 11, which was his first world championship and the region’s first shooting gold medalist.

Mongolian children's channel begins broadcast      2017-06-19

A Mongolian-language children’s channel began broadcasting at Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station on June 18, with the purpose of creating a platform for local Mongolian young people to learn about this ethnic language and culture.

Mongolian wrestlers combat in Niigata      2017-06-19

Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau dispatched a squad to attend the Third Mongolian Wrestling Contest in Niigata, Japan from June 9 to 13.

Community games held in Tongliao      2017-06-19

A series of table game matches were held in a community of the Ximen neighborhood, Horqin district, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on June 16.

Summer Nadam arrives in Ewenki      2017-06-19

The Sebin Nadam Fair was held in Ewenki Autonomous Region, Hulunbuir League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on June 18.

Ar Horqin turns on a green look      2017-06-19

Ar Horqin Banner used to be infertile land with harsh desertification, but since 2011 it has worked on cultivating high-quality alfalfa measuring over 71,000 hectares.

Fathers and sons have soccer fun      2017-06-19

A series of father-and-son soccer games were held to bond their relationship alongside to mark the Father's Day.

IMNU graduation projects on display      2017-06-16

An exhibition displayed over 150 undergraduate projects and 80 from master graduates, attracting hundreds of local residents.

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Grassland 'rugby' highlights Ewenki athleticism

A rugby-like sport, qiang shu, recently debuted at the Ninth Traditional Sports of Ethnic Groups competition in Ordos, allowing the audience a taste of the traditional Ewenki game.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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