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Scenery of Inner Mongolia's Hulun Buir      2014-08-25

Photos taken in August, 2014 shows the scenery on the grassland of Hulun Buir, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Take a deep breath in Ergune      2014-08-14

Key phrases like "origin of Mongols," "Russian customs," "wetland," "sea of flowers" and "birch forests" help to describe the city of Ergune.

A bird’s-eye view of Inner Mongolia      2014-08-13

A bird’s-eye view of Inner Mongolia.

Scenery of rape flowers in Shihahe Town of Bayannur City, N China      2014-07-25

Scenery of rape flowers in Shihahe Town of Bayannur City, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Agui Temple      2014-01-08

Agui Temple is a typical Tibetan-style building; it has a Hall of Sakyamuni and 981 wing halls. It is the largest and earliest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Northwest China.

Asihatu Stone Forest      2014-01-08

The Asihatu Stone Forest is located at the north mountain northeast of the Keshiketeng Banner of Chifeng. Asihatu granite is a rare stone forest landform.

Genghis Khan's Mausoleum      2014-01-08

Genghis Khan's Mausoleum, established in 1956, covers an area of 55,000 square meters. It is one of the historical sites under top state protection in China, and the holiest place in the eyes of the Mongolian people.

Dalinuo'er Lake Natural Ecological Reserve      2014-01-08

The Dalinuo'er Lake Natural Ecological Reserve is a comprehensive state-class natural reserve protecting such ecological systems as lakes, marshes, grasslands, dunes and forests for rare birds with a total area of 1,200 sq km.

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Grassland 'rugby' highlights Ewenki athleticism

A rugby-like sport, qiang shu, recently debuted at the Ninth Traditional Sports of Ethnic Groups competition in Ordos, allowing the audience a taste of the traditional Ewenki game.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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