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Daqinggou State-Level Nature Reserve      2014-01-08

Daqinggou is a state-level nature reserve, located in the territory of Horqin Left Wing Rear Banner, with Shenyang of Liaoning Province 190 kilometers southeast.

Da Zhao Temple      2014-01-08

Da Zhao is the first Gelugpa Buddhism monastery built in Inner Mongolia. Its grand scale and beautiful relics have made it one of the most renowned temples in the Mongolian grassland.

Huitengxile Prairie      2014-01-08

Situated in the central and southern part of the Qahar Right Wing Middle Banner, Huitengxile Prairie is 135 kilometers east of Hohhot and 80 kilometers from the city of Jining.

Erlian: Hometown of the Dinosaurs      2014-01-08

The so-called "Hometown of the Dinosaurs" is located in Erlianyanchi area 9 kilometers from the downtown area of Erlianhot City. Erlian area is one of the first places in Asia where dinosaur fossils and dinosaur eggs were found.

Molimiao Shahu Area      2014-01-08

Molimiao Shahu Area is located at the 45 kilometer section southwest of Tongliao City. With plenty of water, lush pastures and a beautiful landscape, it's known as the "pearl on the desert."

Nanhaizi Scenic Area      2014-01-08

Nanhaizi, named after Nanhai Lake, is a 3A-class scenic area. It is located in the southern suburbs of Donghe District with an area of 2,000 hectares.

Tenggeli Desert      2014-01-08

The Tenggeli Desert - Tonghu Basin Scenic Area is located 18 kilometers northwest of the county site of Zhongwei County, Alxa League of Inner Mongolia.

Stone-Flower Cave      2014-01-08

Shihua Cave, literally translated as Stone-Flower Cave, is located in Yushugou of the Zhuozi Mountain Range, about 13 kilometers south of Wuhai City.

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