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Hansen BioWine


The Hansen BioWine Co Ltd, founded in 2001, bears a registered capital of 230 million yuan ($37.88 million) and assets of 780 million yuan.

Over the last 10 years, Hansen has developed a vineyard of 6,666-67 hectares at national standards on arid land and at Wulanbu, in the northern foothills of Helan Mountain in the province, importing grapes from France and using drip irrigation technology from Israel, while taking advantage of Yellow River resources.

By importing modern equipment and techniques and engaging prominent oenologists for R&D and development of organic, healthier wines, it is now Inner Mongolia's largest wine producer, with an annual output of 20,000 tons.

Hansen advocates recycling and a reduced carbon-emissions economy, while following the scientific outlook on development and sustainable development concepts.

It has now opened Chateau Hansen -- another lovely wine base and luxurious recreation and tourism site -- in the Wuhai and Hongsibao districts of the neighboring Ningxia autonomous region.