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Erenhot Border Economic and Technological Cooperation Zone


This zone got State Council approval as a national economic and technological cooperation zone, in 1993, with a planned area of 27 sq km, and a construction area of 14 sq km, at a cost of 78 million yuan, for port and export processing areas. Its lead industry is wood processing.

It contains 67 enterprises, with 16 large ones, and had industrial added value output of 958 million yuan, in 2009, with 54 million yuan in taxes.

Key enterprises




Erenhot Yuanheng Wood

Wood plate

100,000 cu m

Erenhot Antai Wood

Wood plate

100,000 cu m

Markor International Wood (Erenhot)

Wood plate

100,000 cu m

Erenhot Friendship Wood Co

Wood plate

100,000 cu m

Erenhot Wanjiaxin Wood Co

Wood plate

50,000 cu m

Erenhot Anhai-Shengyang Beneficiation Co

Iron powder

500,000 t


Li Wenjing

Director general, Economic Development Bureau

Tel: 0479-751-7962