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Manzhouli Sino-Russian Border Trade Zone


This zone was founded in 1992, with a planned area of 3 sq km, and a constructed area of 2.7 sq km, at a cost of 200 million yuan, as a national development zone.

Its lead industries are export processing, trade, and tourism and it covers warehousing and logistics. It is home to 10 enterprises, seven of them large. It had industrial added value output of 174 million yuan, in 2009, and paid 97 million yuan in taxes.

Key enterprises




Manzhouli Thermal Power Plant, Antai Thermal Power, China Huaneng Hulunbeier Energy Co.



120 million kWh,

2.84 million sq m.

Manzhouli Guangming Coal


220,000 t/yr

Manzhouli Triple Success Wood

Plate timber,  glulam, construction materials

300,000 cu m

Manzhouli City Water Co.

Water supply

20,000 t/day

Manzhouli Zhuozhou Lantian Net Rack

Color profiled steel sheet, steel structure

4,000 t/yr

Manzhouli Fada Sand and Gravel Products

Sand, gravel

200,000 cu m

Manzhouli Gem Sanitary Ware

Bathtubs, showers

20,000 sets

Manzhouli Huashan Tractor Manufacturing

Tractors, farm


5,000 tractors

8,000 farm machines

Manzhouli Rongxi Warehousing

Rubber powder

900 t

Manzhouli Zhengtai Valve Manufacturing


4,500 t


Fu Jingmiao

Director general, Economic Development Bureau, Administrative Committee

Tel: 0470-626-0167