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Baotou Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial Development Zone


This zone was founded in 1990, on a 122-sq-km space with a construction area of 15.5 sq km, at a cost of 3.22 billion yuan. It got national high-tech industrial development zone approval from the State Council, in 1992 and is China's only zone with the "rare earth" designation and one of 24 major development zones in Inner Mongolia.

It has a Construction Area, Binhe New Area, and Xiwang Park, and 809 enterprises, with 205 large ones. Its leading industries are new energy equipment, non-ferrous metal processing, and high-technology. It had industrial added value output of 27.5 billion yuan, in 2009, and paid 2.7 billion yuan in taxes.

Key enterprises




East Hope Baotou Rare Earth Aluminum

Aluminum ingots

522,400 t

Baotou Beifang Chuangye

Railroad cars

2,843 units

Inner Mongolia North Heavy-Duty Truck Co

Dump trucks, excavators

342 units

Baotou Huading Copper Development

Sulfuric acid, blister copper

30,000 t blister copper

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth (Group) Hi-Tech

Rare earth concentrate,

rare-earth compounds

148,200 t


18,800 t

Inner Mongolia Goldwind Science & Technology

Wind turbine components

571 parts

Baotou Yili Dairy


186,200 t

Baotou Xishui Cement


1.18 million t

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Hefa Rare Earth

Rare-earth compounds

13,500 t

Inner Mongolia Chalkis Tomato Products


150,000 t


Wu Tieshan

Director general, Economic Development Bureau

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