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  • Baotou attracts talent at Wuhan universities


    Baotou city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region held a campus recruitment event on March 20 at Wuhan University in Wuhan, capital city of Central China's Hubei province.

  • Baotou university to boost China-Arab cooperation


    Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, located in Baotou city, has been selected as a member university in the field of information and communication.

  • Baotou to host leg of ITF World Men's Tennis Tour


    The Baotou Sports Center recently announced that it has successfully won a bid to host the Baotou leg of the 2024 International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Men's Tennis Tour, according to the media.

  • Baotou joins in promoting TCM


    On March 17, China's Traditional Chinese Medicine Day, a traditional Chinese medicine (Mongolian medicine) cultural promotion event kicked off in Baotou city.

  • Baogang Hospital invites Beijing experts to conduct free clinic activity


    Baogang Hospital of Inner Mongolia, located in Baotou city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, invited eight ophthalmology experts from Beijing to conduct a free ophthalmology clinical diagnosis event on March 9.

  • Baotou teaches students horseback riding


    More than 120 students from Wanshuiquan Central Primary School in Baotou city participated in equestrian theory and practical experience classes at the Dingshengqi International Equestrian Club on March 5.

  • Baotou hospitals to implement sound management methods from Shanghai


    Cadres from 16 hospitals in Baotou city, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, attended a training course at Fudan University's Shanghai Medical College from Feb 25 to March 1.

  • Baotou Golden Street celebrates Lantern Festival


    On Feb 24, throngs of tourists and locals flocked to Baotou Golden Street to immerse themselves in Lantern Festival festivities.

  • Baotou promotes employment services


    On Feb 21, Inner Mongolia autonomous region launched the 2024 "Chunfeng Action" recruitment initiative, along with a large-scale job fair that was held in Baotou's Jiuyuan district.