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Preferential bank services help startups in Baotou      2016-04-21

The city of Baotou published a report recently that shows its banking sector doing some remarkable work in assisting micro-to-small-sized companies and giving the local economy momentum in the past five years.

Enlightened tourism boosting rural economy      2016-04-21

This April saw the opening of the second apricot blossom festival in the area, drawing in tourists from nearby and far away.

Big overseas flatcar deal for Baotou company      2016-04-12

China North Industries Group Co Inner Mongolia First Machinery Baotou Beifang Chuangye Co in the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia has sent 200 NW5 flatcars to the port in city of Tianjin recently.

New cargo train service to link China, Europe      2016-04-08

A new cargo train service linking North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region with Europe is to open soon, local authorities said on Friday.

China Baotou – Mongolia Specialty Expo brings in big number of business deals      2016-03-30

The 3-day event had thousands of Mongolian specialties on display with offers for cooperation or investment in 150 companies from Mongolia, and attracted 112,000 visitors.

Funding foreign trade in North China      2016-02-25

The city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region has seen 10-percent growth in funds for foreign trade year-on-year, for 2015, attracting more than 300 million yuan($45.9 million).

Large cross-border direct purchase store for North China      2016-01-12

Inner Mongolia has opened a direct purchase store for ethnic cross-border trade and a cross-border e-commerce site in the city of Hohhot, on Jan 8.

Manzhouli land port exports fresh pears to Russia      2016-01-07

Manzhouli land port, the largest one in China, exported fresh pears for the first time in railway containers to Russia.

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Grassland 'rugby' highlights Ewenki athleticism

A rugby-like sport, qiang shu, recently debuted at the Ninth Traditional Sports of Ethnic Groups competition in Ordos, allowing the audience a taste of the traditional Ewenki game.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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