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Wind farms in Urad Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia      2015-06-12

Based on local wind resources, the Urad Middle Banner in Inner Mongolia’s Bayan Nur has been developing new energy as a leading industry.

Inner Mongolia, Mongolia contract agreements $415 million      2015-06-12

China and Mongolia contracted 19 agreements of $417 million at the 2015 Inner Mongolia and Mongolia Investment and Trade Fair concluded in Mongolia's capital, Ulan Bator, on June 9.

Yili proposes dairy Silk Road at Expo Milano      2015-06-12

Chinese dairy giant Yili Group promoted the "Silk Road of dairy" at the Sino-Italian Agriculture and Food Cooperation Forum at the Expo Milano 2015 on June 9.

Ordos noodle restaurant owner receives 'bowls' of love      2015-06-11

On June 10, a noodle restaurant in Dongshen district, Inner Mongolia's Ordos was crowded with people queuing up for a bowl of noodles that they willing to spend one or two hundred yuan ($32.22), some of them even helped to clean tables.

Journey in Beautiful China comes to Inner Mongolia      2015-06-11

Media gathered in Chifeng, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on June 10 to attend "2015 Journey in Beautiful China-Inner Mongolia".

State-funded matouqin training course concludes      2015-06-10

A training course to cultivate matouqin (horse-head fiddle) performers, subsidized by China National Arts Fund, concluded with a performance in Inner Mongolia Ethnic Arts Theatre on June 8.

Grasslands protection in Inner Mongolia      2015-06-08

Inner Mongolia is always associated with grasslands.

Mongolian traditional medicine exchanges with western medicine      2015-06-08

Academic exchanges between traditional Mongolian medicine and western medicine were held in Hohhot's Inner Mongolia International Mongolian Hospital, when a US medical delegation visited the hospital from June 1 to 5.

Mongolians exalt fire spirit in Bayannur

A fire ceremony held to pray for blessings commenced Bayannur of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 20.

Inner Mongolia Enchants Tourists On Winter Grasslands

Inner Mongolia has promoted winter tourism via an assortment of festivals and events and to present its natural resources alongside unique nomadic culture.

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