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Ordos hosts traditional sports event      2017-07-17

The Ninth Traditional Games of Ethnic Groups kicked off in Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on July 12.

Work finishes on Beijing-Urumqi highway      2017-07-17

With the three final sections paved, the 2,768-kilometer-long Beijing-Urumqi Highway was completed on July 15.

Drought compensation relieves Abag Banner      2017-07-13

Insurance claims worth $1 million have been cashed in at the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) to compensate losses caused by the severe drought in Abag Banner, Xilin Gol League on July 5.

Breathe in the midsummer air on Hulunbuir Prairie      2017-07-13

Hulunbuir Prairie takes on a refreshed look after being drenched in summer rain, creating heavenly scenery on July 11.

Dance extravaganza flaunts national cultural diversity      2017-07-13

China’s 7th Ethnic Culture and Art Festival was held in Hohhot on July 8, attracting hundreds of dancers across a range of traditions to perform assorted and striking dances.

Herdsmen celebrate Aobao ritual      2017-07-11

Hundreds of herdsmen circled around a cone-shaped mound called Aobao to offer livestock and libation on July 6, praying to the spirits for peace and a good harvest.

Baotou opens free youth center      2017-07-11

Youth Center was opened to the public free-of-charge on July 8, attracting hundreds of parents and children to take part in various events.

Painting with green: eco-transformation in Hohhot      2017-07-11

By taking a top-down approach, the Hohhot government is exploring the creation of an ecocity through a series of projects to tackle urban malaise.

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Grassland 'rugby' highlights Ewenki athleticism

A rugby-like sport, qiang shu, recently debuted at the Ninth Traditional Sports of Ethnic Groups competition in Ordos, allowing the audience a taste of the traditional Ewenki game.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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