Travel log

  • An impression of Ordos: innovation and entrepreneurship


    The city growth is like a person growing up, according to the Party secretary of Ordos. Innovation and entrepreneurship will bring more opportunities for the city in the future.

  • A voyage into Ordos, Inner Mongolia


    Several days’ stay is not enough to understand a city, but it’s enough to learn that it has a long history and rich culture.

  • A glimpse of Ordos, Inner Mongolia


    Rich coal, rare earth and natural gas are nature’s gifts to Ordos. But the splendid traditional culture, whether the ritual culture, Nomadic culture or the folk customs, are a more generous gift.

  • River valley produces wetlands wonder


    As I travel in the most northeast area of Hulunbuir, I manage to squeeze in half a day to explore the mesmerizing Ergun Wetland.

  • Great green mountain


    An autumn excursion into the foothills surrounding a city can yield quite a few surprises.

  • Proud children of Genghis Khan


    We could feel his presence the moment we touched down in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Quiet frontiers


    China has many border crossings on land and sea, but none has the romance and history of this little city tucked away in the northeast of the country on the vast Hulunbuir grasslands.

  • Roaming hospitality


    Two hours from Beijing, there is a totally different culture at play, where ethnic characteristics color local customs and visitors are surprised at every turn.

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